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Andrew Murphy realized that moving large objects is a difficult task for all of us so he established Taxi-Vans in the summer of 2004. Taxi-Vans provides the customer with unique van and man service that lets you make that quick move to a new flat, without the hassle of paying fees and deposits associated with renting a van and including experienced movers to help.

Taxi-Vans also has a unique, cost-effective delivery option called ‘The Standby Board.’ This innovative service allows customers to use the free space in vans that are already scheduled for delivery across the UK at heavily discounted prices. This is an interesting choice for someone who found that great deal online, but doesn’t want to blow all of the savings on shipping fees.

Taxi-Vans had already been in business for a year when Andrew came to Centa to asses his business’s strengths and weaknesses.

“[Centa provided] business mentoring; a very useful service. [To be] a dedicated mentor to drive a business forward as well as act as a sounding board for ideas is a really valuable role.”

Andrew, together with Centa’s Matt Garner, was able to receive advice on many aspects of his business; from increasing sales to defining a clear vision for his firm. Similar consulting could have set him back thousands of pounds at a private firm, but Andrew was given professional help by Centa at a fraction of the cost. Six months later, Andrew still visits Centa for his routine check-ups.

Founder Andrew Murphy is always looking towards the future. Taxi-Vans hopes to expand its fleet this summer and has already signed major contracts with well-known stores like Conran and Decathlon.